Tuesday, August 26, 2008

30 day party for Olivia

My husband , two babies and I joined our good friends for a traditional Chinese 30 day party to welcome their daughter Olivia. We have never gone to such a party before. It was loud and busy, everyone was very warm and welcoming and the food just kept coming. I tried to be open-minded, and laughed when the servers brought forks around to the white people, but I did not try the jellyfish or the abalone. I did try a very gelatinous soup, but one spoonful was enough. Clover and Sullivan were well behaved considering it started at 7:00pm, which is Sullys bedtime.

We left at 9:30pm and went down to the parking garage without any cash only to find they had (of course) a cash only policy. I had to wait while Pat ran (literally) to the bank machine and got the funds. I told the guy in the booth that the sign I saw showed that they accept mastercard and he explained with a smirk that the sign said in Chinese that they do not accept mastercard...

Note to self: always carry cash in Toronto.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

who will read this?

I suppose that I have lurked about long enough that it is high time to leave a mark. I am a stay at home mum to two babies - My daughter is very nearly two and my son is approaching seven months. I love being a mum. At first thought that defines me, but to continue I am very happily married to a hard working, handsome fellow as well. I love being a wife too. I am busy with my children but when they sleep I craft. I admire my mother and my mother-in-law for what they can create with their hands and I cherish the heirlooms my grandmothers gave me - quilts, sweaters, afghans and the like. I aim to journal the goings-on here at home to document what is going by too quickly. My goal is to keep track and hold myself accountable - hopefully with the help of some encouraging comments - so that I can make the most of being at home (I tend to get overwhelmed by housework and be a stick in the mud when it comes to get-togethers because of the effort involved). I have worked as a retail manager, although I am currently on maternity leave. I miss the conversations with women more than the paycheck.